When we began to think about producing the Silou London collection, we wanted to ensure that every step of the process had been carefully considered. We wanted to be mindful of where we sourced our materials, who we selected as a manufacturer and what overall environmental effects were we going to impact.

Nowadays, we are so far removed from where our clothes and products are made that it is easy to forget the journey that piece of clothing has been on. Have a look at what you are wearing now. Have you ever stopped to think about the team of workers who have assembled and crafted it? Were the workers guaranteed their essential human rights? Were materials and dyes used that negatively impacted local communities?


We believe “Mindful Manufacturing” is about being mindful of every aspect of the garment production from beginning to end. We are only at the beginning of this journey but we want to be transparent with our choices along the way. Mindful manufacturing is central to Silou’s brand values and our aim is to produce quality clothes for women in the most ethical way possible. In doing this, we also want to raise awareness and educate customers about the impacts of fashion and manufacturing.


Each Silou garment has been made with meticulous care and conscience. We carefully selected materials that are non-toxic to the environment and also non toxic for your skin. Our products are lovingly manufactured in Lithuania in a factory that has high ethical standards for their workers. Each of these elements play a vital role in the final product.


Packaging is also an area where we have tried to have the least amount of environmental impact. We decided against wasteful packaging used to protect the garments as they move through the supply chain. Instead, we opted for high quality reusable packaging that has more than just one use. We also selected recycled polythene mailer bags that have been extracted from sugar cane instead of oil which makes them more eco friendly.

These are just some of the conscious decisions we have made in the process of creating the brand and we will continue to have an ethical undertone in everything we do. We have a long way to go, but we are making mindfulness the epicentre of the business.

We all have a choice in what we buy and therefore we can decide as customers what companies and brands we want to support. So next time you decide to purchase something new, take the time to dig a little deeper into where the products have come from. Asking the question is the first step and it also encourages brands to be more transparent.

If you want to educate yourself further on the true cost of a garment, the “True Cost” documentary is available on Netflix. It’s real, raw and unveils many issues that consumers choose to ignore.