Meet Giselle La Pompe-Moore

The Spiritual Guide, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master Set to Ground and Clarify

By Nicole Gallacher

"When you’re tuned in, connected and embodying this energy, life is pretty damn amazing and living as a soul in a human body becomes much easier to navigate,” says Giselle La Pompe-Moore on discovering her inner mystic. A harmonious balance between mind and body naturally leads to improvements in both our attitude and outlook. But how does being in tune with our spiritual self, strengthen how we move through the world? And how do we navigate this through Libra season and beyond?
At SILOU, we like to ask people leading the wellness and fitness atmosphere to answer our questions. Introducing Giselle La Pome-Moore. A Reiki practitioner, Meditation teacher and Tarot card reader. Here, Giselle shares with us her keys for harmonising our spiritual and physical self into the every day and the affirmations you can repeat and reflect on throughout the season.

I am checking in and listening to the wisdom of my body

Our bodies are such a wonderful source of wisdom and honestly, they never lie to us. While our brain can pull us into limiting beliefs, doubts and fears that aren’t actually true and we question if what we’re hearing is our intuition or not, we can always come back home to our bodies and check-in to receive some guidance. Checking in with your body can be a beautiful daily practise, and can start with placing a hand over your heart space, taking a few deep breaths and just noticing how your body feels. Feeling any sensations that arise and gently asking yourself, “what’s here right now?” Don’t force an answer, just notice what your body tells you, don’t judge or dismiss and see what comes up.

You can do the same when you move your body, by listening to what your body is saying to you. You might notice that when you’re feeling emotional your hips feel tighter, or your shoulders feel tense. Use this wisdom to guide your self-care practices and the poses and stretches you might do to release the tension.

Listening to your body also expands beyond movement and into everyday life. Notice what you can feel in your body when you meditate, check-in and see what sensations arise in your body when you're happy and also when you’re anxious or sad. For example, if you notice that your chest feels heavy whenever you’re worried and your tummy flips when you’re excited, you can learn a lot about yourself when these feelings come up.

Make a note in your journal about what feedback your body gives you and use it as a starting point for further inquiry.

I am tending to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs

Meet your four bodies. We’re all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. But, we often spend most of our time focused on our physical self. We rarely ignore a headache or a painful knee, but we often think that we can just “walk-off” our emotions too. Tune in to all of these areas by making sure your self-care practices are balanced across all four of them. Make a plan at the beginning of the week to do physical self-care which can include movement or walking, mental self-care can be meditation or journaling, emotional self-care can be reciting affirmations or treating yourself to a chill evening and spiritual self-care might be working with crystals or intention setting. Honour all of these four bodies by checking in and meeting your own needs. You’ll probably find yourself more drawn to some areas than the others but having balance and flow between all of them will make you feel pretty amazing.

I am prioritising spaciousness in all areas of my life

We speak about the benefits of meditation and other stillness practices all the time, but we can venture outside of what we define “space” to be. Prioritising spaciousness is key to tuning into your spiritual self and finding a balance between your inner and outer self. When we create space we’re opening ourselves up to receiving wisdom, boosting our intuition, gaining more creativity and helping us to be more productive. There’s no right or wrong way to create space. On some days, space might look like needing a break from people, on other days it might be mental space and zoning out in front of the TV. When we’re seeking to find harmony and flow in our work and also life, having spaciousness can help us to do this. Whether this looks like making space during the work-day to breathe or apply an essential oil rollerball to making sure you’re allowing time for rest and play to fill your cup back up.

I am treating my body as a sacred space

For the ultimate balance between your physical and spiritual self, treat your body like a sacred space. This can include adding some ritual to your movement practice. You can do this by smoke cleansing, or adding some incense to your space before your yoga or pilates practice. Intuitively select a crystal to guide you through your practice by asking what your body needs right now. You can then adapt how you move your body based on the crystal you might be drawn to. For example, if you find yourself grabbing some lapis lazuli, you might want to add in some meditation or spend more time in shavasana at the end of your practice. Bringing the spiritual into the physical can also include journaling before or after moving, by either setting an intention for your session, writing down what came up for you while you moved and making a note of the reasons why you’re grateful for your physical body.

Adding in a balancing face mist, essential oils or scented balms can also add reverence and shift your movement practice from the every day into the sacred.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom Giselle. To learn more do check out Giselle online

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