Meet Natalie baker 

Based on the belief that provided the space, you can make the rules. We spoke to founder of Fable Yoga, Natalie. 

By Nicole Gallacher

International Women’s Day is a reminder of the power women can have when we inspire and support one another. In celebration of this, we highlighted the voices in our community that do exactly that -make an impact. From makers, dreamers, writers and teachers - each woman has gone beyond their comfort zone in some way. In this uplifting and important interview, we discuss how we can break the bias for women. Maybe a SILOU-ette can’t change the world, but we believe the people wearing them can.

How did you begin this journey of becoming a founder in the wellness industry? 


Ibegan the idea for Fable when I was working in fashion. I’d eventually become disillusioned in an industry that was constantly chasing the new rather than valuing what already was in existence. Yoga helped me find a little calm in the chaos. As life became more demanding, my practice became more important and I took a 200 hour YTT to learn more about how I could apply the philosophies and teachings to my own life. Fable was born out of what I thought was missing in the yoga space. I’d wasted money on slippery, poorly-performing yoga mats over the years and nothing hit the mark - the choice was limited in terms of design and many were made using harmful materials. I set out to develop a product that was truly high performing and ticked every box in terms of incredible grip, support and aesthetics but that gave back to people and planet and served the yoga community too. I tested the idea with two options and in a few months Fable captured the attention of magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, followed by Selfridges who became our first big stockist. But most importantly the brand began to resonate with students and teachers who aligned with the products and message. 

You launched Fable Yoga – why was it important to create this product for your audience? 


Istrongly believe that yoga is something everyone should have in their self-care tool kit. I want to change that narrative - you don’t have to tick certain boxes to be ‘good’ at yoga. In fact, you can’t be ‘bad’ at yoga. It’s a personal practice, one where you meet yourself where you are, not force yourself into something you are not.In a society that is constantly telling us to do more, be more, push harder, acquire more - yoga teachings help you to discover you’re already enough exactly as you are. And that’s something we could all use a little more of - time to be on the mat to be present. I want more people to know that. It’s about wisdom and connection over acrobatics and appearance.
That’s where our motto of ‘your practice, your story’ comes in. We’ve printed it on the top of our yoga mats as a reminder your practice is as unique as you are, to drop the judgment - whether you prefer power or yin, hand-standing or seated stretches all is valid. The lessons learned on the mat extend into all areas of your life, it can be truly transformational. 

Do you have any workout practices or self-care rituals that help you navigate the world in and outside of your comfort zone?


When I want to move I’ll do a vinyasa yoga, spin or barre class at a studio if I can because the energy of others really helps to lift my own. When I need to rest and reset - I’ll practice yin, yoga nidra or a guided meditation at home. I’ll follow a class on YouTube or join one of my teacher’s online. Setting up my mat, props and blankets, lighting some incense or candles and just enjoying the time without the need to rush off. Yoga aside, just getting outdoors and leaving my phone behind always gives me an instant boost too. .

What women are you personally inspired by?

AMy female friends and network are some of my biggest cheerleaders and I am for them

II feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible, inspiring and strong women. Friends who have overcome personal hurdles and tragedies, mums juggling parenthood and careers, women who have set up incredible brands and businesses who continue to inspire and motivate everyone around them. My female friends and network are some of my biggest cheerleaders and I am for them. I think It’s important to lift up and celebrate other women. 

Which items from SILOU make you feel like you can take on the world? 


I've been a fan of SILOU for years - the designs, brand and ethos. I love the white SILOU sweater as it’s so bright, fresh and easy to throw on for WFH days. I’m also a big fan of the Tatiana bodysuit to - the fit and feel is incredible, the design is beautiful and it’s perfect for yoga because it tackles the awkward top-hanging-over-your-head situation in downward dog so you can stay fully focussed on your practice. 

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