Meet Aisha Carrington 

By Nicole Gallacher

Here at SILOU, mindfulness is something we like to talk about, a lot. With working from home boundaries blending more than ever, and an incessant stream of news clouding our thoughts, it’s little wonder that most of us are burning out before we’ve had time to shine. We pressed pause with Aisha Carrington, founder of ‘Get Lit’ retreats, and a meditation, angel and sound guide. A favourite at our local Mindful studio - Re: Mind. Aisha believes that loving yourself can truly transform your life and allows miracles to happen - now who wouldn’t want to know more? Guiding people to connect with their higher self, we asked Aisha on how to find, listen and honour our vibe and how she masters her own inner loving

how did you discover you could master your own inner loving through spirituality?

I n 2015 I was in a deep depression that went on for years, then I got complex PTSD in 2017. Throughout the years I leaned on my spiritual practices of meditation, yoga, reiki and self love practices in order to help me stay alive because my mind constantly had me fighting a battle of being in the present moment and flashbacks to the past. This relighted my self love journey back to myself

What was your relationship with yourself like before you started meditating and doing sound bowls?

Ihad my daughter at 21 so she is 15 now and my self love journey to positive thinking about my body and how I thought, cared for myself and dressed began then. I was a personal stylist for 10 years before I started working in the wellness industry. So my self love work was reinforced daily while styling. Like everything, with weight gain, relationships breakups and mental spirals, the self love cup can be drained so I’ve found myself going back to the building blocks to build myself back up every time

The woo woo of Spirituality can sometimes hold people back from experiencing self-love, how do you encourage spirituality?

The woo woo part of spiritually held me back at times and that is why I started the Get lit retreat and why I share mixed content on Instagram. I encourage people to find what lights them up and build on their individual tool box from there. If that’s dancing, running, writing or singing or just finding moments to laugh or cry, these to me are all self love. Leaning into spirituality isn’t for everyone but self care and time to process emotions, is for us all. Happiness isn’t attached to being “spiritual” it’s an inner glow for life, one that only you can give yourself. I believe this is attached to self love

How would you describe a spiritual awakening? And how did your first awakening come to you?

Aspiritual awakening is highly personal. I believe it’s your soul opening, expanding and letting more light in. It’s an access to a part of you that will continue to guide you forward. It’s beautiful and transformational although it can be extremely dark, painful and cause you to truly question your existence. This is how it was for myself and my clients. At the time, I hated 80% of the awakening process. But the 20% of light always helped me get through. I first had my awakening at 4 years old, after a traumatic experience helped me to connect to angels. Then my next one was when I was 21 and had my daughter. My biggest darkest most transformative one so far, was when I was close to closing the door on my life Christmas 2018 when my angels guided me back to the light. I believe for every upgrade, I will enter a form of awakening my soul

What do you suggest to protect our energy, in our every day, relationships, work or otherwise?

Protecting and cleansing my energy is my thing. I’m so big on it that I set up a shop as part of the Get Lit Retreat to encourage people to weekly if not daily clean and protect their energy. I have created special sprays that work like sage that can be taken everywhere with you. Love stories are my favorite. You spray it every morning to cleanse your energy and set intentions for the day. Spray it after any negative energy has entered your house, or personal energy field. Sage and Palo Santo can also be used to help you to protect your energy. My favorite free tool to use is water. By washing your hands you can set an intention to cleanse your energetic field. By saying I am ready to free any energy or person that no longer serves me from myself. I do this with love for the highest good for all. Then visualise light surrounding you from head to toe.

You have several methods for manifesting the life you want and unblocking what’s holding you back. How does each method affect our mind, body and spirit?

Meditation helps all three, the mind, body and soul to manifest. It's my vehicle to level up, heal and connect to my center. This helps me manifest as I align with my heart and future self need rather than my ego

Vision movies help me to manifest at an incredible speed as I use moving pictures, music and affirmations to help me to believe what I desire is here already. This helps me get out of my mind and flow

Sound baths and loving mantras help me to tap out of the matrix of life and connect to a higher dimension to love and let go. This helps me to bring in the new desires. 

Thank you Aisha for sharing your truth and wisdom with us. For more please follow Aisha below and enjoy a calming Sound Bowl meditation

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