mastering HeadRest with Danielle wills


Anyone who has experienced a year like 2020, understands the sweet feeling of finding headrest. You’ve put away your laptop and 2020 diary (thank God for that) and reunite with your cosy clothes and sofa. You close your eyes and focus on inhaling through the nose and exhaling out the mouth. Despite the Headspace or Calm app instructions, your mind wanders - swirling everywhere. The mental chatter goes on. That’s normal, and not necessarily a bad thing. It’s something we found even the most put-together glowing yogi’s feel.

Cue Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher, #WomenofSILOU and our dear friend, Danielle Wills for some much-needed HeadRest. The podcast has become the team’s favourite. From morning walks and to afternoon power hours, we routinely go to HeadRest for a little centring. 

Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher, #WomenofSILOU and our dear friend, Danielle Wills shared a simple but often forgotten truth. Everyone is human. Now add podcast host to her introduction. In these intimate conversations, Danielle is not just muddling through (like the rest of us) but seeing the joy and lessons from missteps. HeadRest is a soundscape focused on accepting if not celebrating your worries and recognising mistakes can soothe the soul.

Discover a few of our returned to favourites on Spotify below.


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