Behind every great piece in your wardrobe, there’s an even greater story. But beyond the clever marketing how much do you really know about the brands you’re buying?

At Silou, we are transparent about our design and manufacturing processes. Designed in London and constructed in Lithuania using non-toxic materials and mindful manufacturing, all of our garments are crafted with conscience. From our excellent working conditions to our environmentally friendly practices, our clothing narrates a journey that helps to create meaningful connections with our customers.

This is of utmost importance to our Founder Tatiana, who strives to make pieces that both she and the Silou community can feel proud to wear.

Sadly, this isn’t true of a lot of clothing brands. Instead, in a climate of cheap labour, low-cost materials and fast-fashion, the fashion industry continues to feed consumers one-dimensional information, that camouflages the truth.

In fact, according to new research by Fashion Revolution “many of the biggest global brands that make our clothes still don’t disclose enough information about their impact on the lives of workers in their supply chain and on the environment.”

Examining the transparency of 100 of the biggest global fashion companies, the social enterprise found that even the highest scoring brands on the list still have a long way to go towards being transparent. The average score brands achieved was 49 out of 250, less than 20% of the total possible points, and none of the companies on the list scored above 50%.

Ultimately, the research showed that on the whole, the way fashion is made, sourced and consumed continues to cause suffering and pollution. But, that with greater transparency it can make it easier to understand what went wrong when human rights and environmental abuses occur, who is responsible and how to fix it.

Today, a growing number of consumers are demanding to know the genuine stories behind the clothing they’re purchasing, and as a result the tide is turning.

According to Business Of Fashion, “for decades, a brand’s only priority was to create the best possible product at the most competitive price to ensure sales. But as consumers develop a more comprehensive understanding of issues like sustainability, authenticity and transparency, brands and retailers are being forced to change the way they sell in order to survive.”

Unlike other brands, that might develop values for the purpose of appearances, at Silou our mindful and honest business practices allow us to have an open dialogue with our customers. Our strong ethical code helps to build trust in our goods and their supply chain, which allows you to make informed choices.