With an ethical heart from conception, Silou is made for the mindful consumer. That means when you buy an item of clothing from us you can feel good about wearing it – from the inside out. From our non-toxic materials to our conscious manufacturing processes, we care about how our apparel affects the planet, and that’s something we encourage our customers to continue to think about at home.

For example, did you know that on average clothing care such as washing, drying and ironing accounts for over 30% of the total environmental impact of a garment during its lifespan?

It’s a shocking statistic, but the good news is, if we make smarter decisions regarding the way we look after our clothing, this figure can be cut in half!

Not only can choosing eco-friendly care methods help to reduce your environmental impact, it will also help to extend the life of your apparel, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your cherished Silou pieces for even longer.

So, if you want to start caring for your clothing more consciously, try employing some of these simple practices……


According to a report by the Energy Saving Trust, the average UK household puts a wash on around five times per week. With even the most energy-efficient cycles using 40 gallons of water and releasing man-made gases into the atmosphere, this can have a catastrophic effect on the environment.

To help decrease your carbon footprint, try reducing the number of loads you do on a weekly basis. Ask yourself if your clothes are really dirty? And if you have to separate your whites from your colours?


Choosing a lower washing temperature can help to save an enormous amount of energy. For example, washing at 40°C uses around half as much energy as washing at 60°C.

Today, washing your clothes at 30°C can produce just as effective results as washing them at 40°C. And it doesn’t just help the environment, it’s kinder on your clothes too.


Providing environmental benefits like energy and water savings without compromising on cleanliness, eco-friendly cleaning products are a simple way to care for the environment, without interfering with your washing cycle.

Helping consumers make sustainable choices, brands such as Ecover sell products that are made from plant and mineral-based ingredients and have minimum impact on aquatic life, while all of Earth Friendly’s products are biodegradable, recyclable and made with 100% renewable energy.

With supermarkets such as Ocado creating entire eco-friendly categories, staying green and clean is easier than ever.


Although the weather might not always be on your side, ditching air drying in favour of tumble drying contributes a surprising amount to your carbon footprint.

With most tumble dryers using electricity to generate heat, they are extremely carbon-intensive and that carbon is pumped out to the outside world each time one is used.

By switching to air drying, a person that would have been using a dryer 200 times a year could save nearly half a tonne of CO2e. So if the sun really isn’t playing ball, opt for a drying rack instead.

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