Colour Therapy


Pronounced – choo – lip – wuhd

Heralding the arrival of spring, Tulipwood carries vibrancy and provides a positive balancing force. Designed to help you grow and encourage you to express yourself more freely.


Crystal- Lepidolite

Properties – Known as the “stone of transition”, it assists helping to move away from negative or damaging behaviours. 

How to use –  During your meditation practice, hold your lepidolite in your hand.  Allow the energy to flow through you when your mind is clear. 

Aroma- Frankincense

Properties –This spicy, woody scent soothes the mind, assists with sleep and even works as a antiseptic helping to protect your immune system 

How to use –Sprinkle a few drops of oil into the bottom of a running shower. It will work alongside the steam offering both the cleansing and relaxing properties of the oil.


Pronounced – la – vuhn – duh

Designed to cleanse negative energies and heighten your
senses, Lavender soothes the mind and brings awareness and focus back to the body…


Crystal- Amethyst

Properties – A natural stress reliever, it soothes, calms and promotes  sleep

How to use –  Place it over your third eye before sleeping. Let it open your intuition, mind and calm your thoughts

Aroma– Lavender 

Properties – Instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles. It offers calming and soothing  properties to quieten negative inner noise and anxiety

How to use – add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your diffuser to increase your slow-wave sleep.