Colour Therapy

The use of colour has become an important expression of who we are, how we feel and what we believe.

Our moods, thoughts and emotions flow through us like an electric current. Unpredictable or all at once, creating a combination of harmony and positive energy. Our Raya collection explores how colour can influence our mood, mindset and the energy around us. By trying something new, our exploration into ourselves blooms and new opportunities encourages us to express our truest essence. Cue our Colour Therapy edit. Defined by the energy they give to bring you into your method of movement in the most beautiful way


Pronounced kan-tohn

Inspired by all things Canton, this new hue is energising, refreshing, and vibrant. Designed to add clarity and raise the energy levels of your workout

Crystal - Green Fluorite

Properties - This stone works to cleanse negative energy in a room or workspace. It’s also used to clear mental fog and increase concentration- the perfect edition to your desk

How to use - Place near or on your workstation or desk

Aroma - Rosemary

Properties - In both ancient Rome and Greece this essential oil was believed to improve brain function, perfect for increasing memory and improving concentration 


Pronounced luh-goon

Inspired by water and air, our Lagoon blue centres your energy levels to bring clarity, stability and tranquility to your workout 

Crystal- Malachite

Properties - Often we take on others energy, this stone assists in maintaining emotional balance, keeping you positive and focused on your own emotions

How to use - Lay the stone on your stomach, this is where you empathically absorb others energy. The malachite will act as a sponge, drawing this out

How to use - Place near or on your workstation or desk

Aroma - SAGE

Properties - Sage can cleanse you and your home of negative and stagnant energy

How to use - Smudging is the practice of burning sage Sage. Start at the front of your home and move around walking clockwise allowing the smoke to drift into all areas


Pronounced La-vuhn-duh

Designed to cleanse negative energies and heighten your senses. Lavender soothes the mind and brings awareness and focus back to the body  

Crystal- Amethyst

Properties - A natural stress reliever, it soothes, calms and promotes sleep

How to use - Place it over your third eye before sleeping. Let it open your intuition, mind and calm your thoughts

Aroma- Lavender 

Properties - Instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles . It offers calming and soothing properties to quieten negative inner noise and anxiety

How to use - add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your diffuser to increase your slow wave sleep


Pronounced ko-r-al

Inspired by all things coral, this new hue is soothing, sensual and re-energising. Designed to calm and rebalance your mindset 

Crystal - Rose quartz

Properties - One of the most tender and loving energies of any stone, soothing to the heart, comforting the soul, and vibrating to the frequencies of inner peace

How to use - Place the quartz by your bedside table, welcoming loving energy into your room


Properties - Known for increasing focus, this awakening scent gives a boost and encourages mental space for self acceptance and love

How to use - Apply a few drops to you wrists and temples 


Pronounced choo-lip-wuhd 

Heralding the arrival of spring, Tulipwood carries vibrancy and provides a positive balancing force. Designed to help you grow and encourage you to express yourself more freely 

Crystal - Lepidolite

Properties - Known as the “stone of transition”, it assists helping to move away from negative or damaging behaviours

How to use - During your meditation practice, hold your lepidolite in your hand. Allow the energy to flow through you when your mind is clear

Aroma - Frankincense

Properties - This spicy, woody scent soothes the mind, assists with sleep and even works as a antiseptic helping to protect your immune system
How to use -Sprinkle a few drops of oil into the bottom of a running shower. It will work alongside the steam offering both the cleansing and relaxing properties of the oil

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