Sustainable SILOUtions for your Workout routine.

By Nicole Gallacher

As our perspective shifts more and more towards sustainability, we are eager to learn more about environmental issues, climate change and what we can do to make a difference. In this week’s newsletter, we’re sharing sustainable SILOU-tions to live your chicest, greenest life possible. We’re sharing knowledge and inspiration to make long term habits in celebration of Zero Waste Week.

No one can do everything,
everyone can do something,
Together we can do anything.

Featuring Venus Bra and Rosie Legging

SILOU x SOMA Water Bottle


Areusable water bottle is not only essential for the environment but a must for your workout. Needless to say, you probably need more than one. Treasure it in your gym bag or car, and refill where you can. Now you have no excuse when it comes to getting your much-needed 2Litres a day. .

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SILOU Kate Legging 

Buy Less, Buy Better

IF you haven’t already heard, our latest SELENE collection is made from ECONYL® - a fabric created from recycled plastic and can be infinitely recycled. Soft as silk, we're guilty of ending up in our Kate's long after we've left the studio.

Pro Tip: Consider investing in a wash bag to prevent microfibres from getting into the water streams.

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Featuring Tara Bra and Kate Legging

Plastic Patrol 

Be Active

Becoming more conscious of the single-use plastic around you? Clean up your workout routine with Plastic Patrol. A non-profit organisation that combines activities like paddle boarding, yoga and running, with litter picking and data collection. Move with purpose and eliminate single-use materials, while getting your endorphins - what’s not to love?  

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