Body Language

By Nicole Gallacher

This Sunday we’re slowing down and appreciating stillness. We’re taking the time to understand how we communicate with others and how to engage with positivity. Too often we make it a need to get-up and go, and as you know, there is perhaps nothing more satisfying than a Sunday morning lie-in to ease into the day. In fact self-care days are about living elegantly, without your stream of consciousness attaching to external thoughts. As dressing at home is our first distraction we’re here to path a true devolution to stillness, with our Henrietta all-in-one. The happy baby (and back again) bodysuit for all the at-home Yoga days you deserve. In fact, switch off your Zoom camera, and take some time off the endless scrolling with a direct list of reads and self-care to do that will ease your mind and body this weekend.

our intentions influence our present

Among these titles are books picked by the SILOU team that will make us wiser, happier, more knowledgeable and more thoughtful.

The Body Keeps The Score

Bessel Van der Kolk 

Based on psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk’s decades of research and clinical practice. The Body Keeps the score, outlines the way trauma affects every one of us throughout every part of our lives. In how we relate to others—while exploring the neuroscientific underpinnings of trauma and the emerging research on how we can heal. 

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Where The Crawdads Sing

Delia Owens

Set in North Carolina during the 1950s and 60s, Wildlife Scientist Delia Owen’s debut novel delicately and painfully examines one’s identity through nature and nurture, alongside racial and social divisions that are rooted in history as much as contemporary politics. It is a story of survival and isolation, interwoven with coming of age, romance, mystery and all from an unexpected heroine that champions unheard voices and strength.

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Our practice creates our tomorrow

ou don’t need much to slow down: Just your own body and, likely, some peace & quiet. Re-creating the ambiance of your much loved yoga studio at home can make each session more joyful, grounding, and indulgent - especially if your living room is doubling as a home office these days. Tailor your Sunday with one of our #WomenofSILOU’s at home tutorials, guaranteed to spark joy. 

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Tataiana wears the Henrietta Bodysuit

Danielle wears the Vogue Bra and Rosie Legging

Spine Love 

Danielle Wills

Like watering our house plants or applying a necessary face mask, stretching is something we all know we should do regularly but
usually give it a miss. In this IGTV, Yoga Teacher and Mobility Coach @daniellewillls guides us through a mini mobility flow to relieve our spine when you’re working from home.

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Saraha wears the Phoebe Bodysuit and Anja Bra

Morning Spring Porridge 

Sarah Malcolm 

The act of preparing three meals a day, every day might feel a little draining lately. So to make sure our energy levels stay stable and not sluggish, Yoga Teacher and co-host of Kitchen Club Podcast @SarahMalcs, shares with us a way to keep our energy levels steadier with a Spring Spiced Banana Porridge or Oats recipe. Set to keep your energy levels steadier throughout the day.

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Andrea wears the Vogue Bra 

Painting SILOU-ettes

Andrea Cheong 

For us, Art is a pursuit driven by feeling and appreciation. So creating art will not only lift your home (and your Instagram feed), it will make you happy too. Committing to creating a piece of art can feel overwhelming for any entry-level artist. That’s why we invited @fleurandrea to inspire us how to create beautiful illustrations of the female silhouette for our homes. 
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