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2021 Resolution inspiration


There’s an underlying commentary to December. Along with Christmas lists, endless emails and tying the ribbon on your work projects ahead of the holidays, the infamous question appears.

“Do you have a New Year's resolution?”

If this year could be a metaphor for anything it would be doing 100 burpees in zero gravity. We’ve learned you can’t control everything. Take this moment to pause, we’re proud of you. In fact, we pride ourselves on supporting our #WomenofSILOU. You know, just like Missy Elliot in the Moulin Rouge video.
So here it is, an inspiration for your 2021 resolution…


Realign ~ Reset ~ Reinvent

Reinvention can feel exciting, inspiring and rewarding. Find your harmony along the path to wherever it may lead.
The future’s bright and we believe in you.


For many the new year is a metaphor for a change in mindset. In order for us to shift,  change and restore our former mindset, try reflecting on the positive things you have achieved this year. Find yourself a quiet corner and count your blessings for each month. (We find it helps working out before you sit and reflect, this will clear any energy you have bubbling under the surface).

Review the last twelve months one by one, what great things happened to you in July - did you spend more time outside?
How about September - did you finish a book you've been meaning to read?
May did you learn to let yourself go with the emotions and allow yourself to heal?

Visualise each month with a positive memory and then move onto the next month. If you find it hard to visualise, add these notes to your iPhone Calendar or write a review for each month in 5 words. As negative memories arise, note them, try not to let these thoughts fester, simply brush them softly like a feather. 

Once you have reflected each month, write down one thing you were grateful for. You should have 12 in total.

A few examples might be... 

I am grateful for a supportive work colleague 
I am grateful for space to move 
i am grateful for my health
I am grateful for the roof over my head 


In order for us to reinvent and manifest a 'reset' button, we must reflect, rethink and write it down. Perceive the next year as a blank canvas, knowing everything you know. Declutter your mind of ongoing thoughts by writing your goals. Start by listing your goals on a piece of paper and review them with a plan of action. Learn mistakes from this last year, were your goals last year performative? For example, did you want to travel to 10 countries in 2020. Think about this goal, is this effective for you as a person? What would you have learnt and what can you measure. Adapt a goal like this to learning a new language. Measurable, attainable and rewarding, this goal will serve you more advantages than you think. It is important your goals this year will be effective for you and will always be achievable and measurable.

Always set goals that inspire you.
Dream big, what do you wish for your new year? 

How to identify your goals

1. Workout what you feel you need to achieve
2. Identify your goals importance 
3. Write your goal down
4. Maintain your goal
Adapt and reflect on your goal on a monthly or weekly. 
4. Reflect on your goals

Remember to celebrate and reflect on all that you have achieved.


Now for the exciting part, putting our goals into action. We find the best way to perform our new routine is to start with an affirmation. An affirmation is a positive sentence that you repeat to yourself. Affirmations are used to manifest what we feel to be true.

For example... 

" I am focused"
" I embody confidence"
" I am gentle with myself"
" I trust myself"

Once you have written your affirmation, add this to your weekly routine. Schedule the times you will practice and reflect on your goal. Why waste time? Start your goal before the new year and you'll enter your new state of mind feeling more prepared. 


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