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5 Ways to Travel More Consciously

You’ve made the switch to ethical fashion and eco-friendly beauty products, and purpose-driven brands are high on your agenda, but when it comes to travel… how can you become more conscious? Like our Founder, Tatiana, for the modern, driven and adventurous woman… travel is a part of life. In fact, more than 8 million people […] Read More

Smart, Stylish, Supportive. Meet the Silou Sports Bra.

Designed like a bra and worn like a boss, our must-have Silou sports bras took over a year to create. From product design and research to fittings, using the perfect bra as a base we worked tirelessly to produce a collection of sports bras that are both functional and fashionable – the Bridget; for high […] Read More

10 Minutes With Cora Hilts – Co-founder of Rêve En Vert

As one half of the duo behind Rêve En Vert, the go-to destination for stylish yet sustainable fashion and lifestyle pieces, Cora Hilts, 27, embodies everything we are passionate about at Silou. Supporting designers, like our Founder Tatiana, who are improving the standards of the design industry, while driving awareness of how consumers think about […] Read More

Tatiana’s Wellness Hacks for a Women on The Go

For the modern woman, investing in personal wellbeing is a priority that can easily fall by the wayside. We understand the importance of nurturing ourselves, and are mindful of the benefits, but more often than not we give our time and energy to other aspects of our lives – work, family, travel. Our Founder Tatiana […] Read More

4 Reasons to Choose Eco Conscious Beauty Brands

Whether you’re searching for cruelty-free products, non-toxic ingredients, or simply want to support brands that are making positive changes for the benefit of the environment, ‘eco-beauty’ is a growing category that covers all of these aspects. Like Silou, the brands that fall under the eco-beauty umbrella are mindful of their manufacturing processes, and transparent about […] Read More

Silou London x DeRose Method Event

Our founder Tatiana has been a die hard fan of the DeRose method for over 8 years. So it was only natural to host our first Silou London yoga event at the Ady Centre in Soho, where the DeRose method is practiced. The DeRose method is a special practice that combines physical and mental techniques to […] Read More

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