We’re so excited to have collaborated with astrologist Alice Bell to tell you what movements suit your star sign. Alice writes weekly horoscopes for British Vogue, forecasting for love, money, career, style and so much more. We found her insight into what movements are best for your star sign both fascinating and incredibly useful for tailoring daily practises around the intricacies of your personality.   

We’ve also commissioned a bespoke SILOU-ette to match your star sign created by illustrator Sabrina Percy. Sabrina is a contributing illustrator for publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and we’re honoured to bring her beautiful work to Silou. 

What’s your zodiac movement? 



As the first sign in the zodiac circle, Aries has a youthful energy that doesn’t fade with age. Aries often has the need to initiate and get things going, and they grow restless when faced with slow-moving plans. The body part associated with Aries is the head, so if they don’t incorporate a regular workout into their routine they could end up with headaches. Instead of taking out their frustrations on other people, they should channel this excess energy into fast-paced exercises like running or boxing or a competitive team sport. Aries thrives on competition, and they’re always pushing their own limits to perform better. However, they need to learn how to slow down and not expect immediate results.

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Taurus loves things that make them feel good in life. They like pleasant surroundings where they feel at peace, and they usually prefer to spend time alone. They’re often misunderstood as lazy, but it’s just because they like to take their time. Never try to rush a Taurus. They’re not the most active sign, and they would prefer a workout they can do on their own rather than competing within a group. Yoga is a great way for a Taurus to decompress because it’s an entire body experience where they’re actively stretching their muscles. Taurus is associated with the neck and the hands, so yoga would incorporate small stretches into these often overlooked body parts. Going on hikes would also be enjoyable because it gets them outdoors and interacting with nature’s beauty.

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Gemini is ruled by their thoughts. They have so much mental energy that they might find it hard to calm down and fully relax. They would probably prefer to read and write rather than workout, but exercise is key for keeping them in the present moment. It helps them to better blend their mind and body. Gemini is associated with the nervous system, so they’re more likely to encounter anxiety. Workouts that are quick moving will help engage their thoughts in something productive, rather than spiralling. Pilates is good for a Gemini because they have to engage in small steps with the reformer, or a dance class where they have to focus on the little details of form. Going on a run is always a good option too because a large part of running is having the mental determination to keep going the distance, something that Geminis have no problem with.

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Cancer may feel like their emotions never stop. They’re sensitive and intuitive, but at times they take on the energies of other people too. They need a workout that helps them get in touch with their feelings instead of isolating themselves when they feel overwhelmed. Exercise will help balance out their occasional mood swings. Cancer is more introverted, so an easy at home YouTube yoga tutorial with some additional weight lifting would be perfect to help them connect with their breath. A loud gym might be too intimidating. Since Cancer is a water sign, swimming laps or water aerobatics would help calm them as well. Also developing a healthy diet is just as important as getting exercise because Cancer is associated with the chest and stomach.

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Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. They may not like to do sports unless they’re sure they’re going to be good at it. A large challenge they face is learning to just get out there and get active. They work hard, so they have to make sure they don’t put stress on their health. Working out doesn’t have to be complicated though. Going for a short run or a bike ride through the park is all they need to shift their focus away from their daily responsibilities. They may also prefer time on a treadmill or elliptical because it allows them to track how far they’ve gone and how many calories they’ve burned. Eating healthy is key for Virgos too since this sign is associated with the digestive system.

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Leos might like the idea of dressing to workout more than they actually like working out. However, as a fire sign, they have more energy inside that they need to channel into physical activity. Leo is associated with the heart, spine and upper back, so movement is particularly important for them to keep the blood flowing and to avoid stiffness in the body. Leos live for the drama, so they would enjoy any exercise where there’s super loud music and a lot of movement. Think Soul Cycle or aerobics and dance classes. With these kinds of activities, they’ll still feel like they’re the star of their own show. Leos also have an inner child that likes to come out and play sometimes, which makes recreational team sports a good option as well.

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Libras like to keep the peace. They’re good at maintaining the balance between all of the people in their life, so they would probably prefer a sport where they are partnering up such as tennis or golf. They shine the brightest when they’re working as part of a team, and they have the potential to be great team leaders. Libras aren’t very fond of competitive workouts though, because there’s nothing they hate more than looking sweaty and messy. They should opt for low-intensity exercises such as an everyday walk or a basic Pilates class – anything that gets them moving just a little. Libra rules the lumbar system and the buttocks, so they should try to get in some squats and lower ab work as well on the side.

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Scorpios tend to keep a lot of their anger and frustrations hidden. They’ll often experience a buildup of emotion, so they have to constantly get rid of this negative energy they might keep inside. They’re not really team players, they would much rather exercise alone. Scorpios should try boxing or power yoga – activities that help them release all of the tension they hold in their muscles. Scorpios also get fixated on people and situations, so meditation would help them learn how to let go of their control over things. A mix of intense workouts with more calming activities helps them to not be so extreme in their reactions. Scorpio rules the reproductive system and sexual organs, so a large part of their physical activity might take place in the bedroom too.

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Sagittarius is the world traveller of the zodiac. They’re always chasing after the next new experience in life, so they naturally get in a lot of movement in their day to day routines. They have an adventurous attitude and are down to try anything new, so a variety of different exercises might suit them best. Rock climbing, rollerblading or even just walking around a new city. The one area they should watch out for is their hips though. Sagittarius rules this area of the body, so they should try to get some hip stretches in from time to time. Because this fire sign is more social, they’re probably out drinking more frequently. Cutting back on alcohol and being mindful of getting enough rest will keep them grounded.

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Capricorn is very critical. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to perform well, and they don’t like to delegate any of the work. They need a workout that helps them to relax and that pulls them away from their desk and their computer screen from time to time. Any simple, outdoor exercise would be beneficial such as jogging or biking. They already stress themselves out so much in the workplace that they shouldn’t overdo it with competitive sports. Another alternative is joining a gym that stays open late. Since their office hours might run long, they can pop in whenever they’re finished working.  Capricorn rules the skeletal system, so they need regular activity to avoid stiffness in their joints. Lifting weights or stretching after a run could help loosen things up.

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Aquarius is at their best when they’re surrounded by people. They would prefer there to be a social element to their exercise, so they should get their friends or coworkers together for a session with a trainer. Aquarius probably needs a group workout to stay motivated. They also like to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing for the sake of being different, and they’re the ones to try some weird workout that no one else does such as fencing or martial arts. This sign also rules the circulatory system, so getting their heart rates up and their blood pumping is necessary for their health. The one challenge they face is doing exercise regularly over a longer period of time. Aquarius is resistant to any sort of routine and their motivation comes in random waves. If they can find a way to incorporate new elements into their regular exercise regimes, they’ll be more willing to work out.

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Pisces is often off in their own little world. They’re very sensitive to all of the subtleties in their environment, and they need to be alone for extended periods of time to recharge their batteries. They would do best with exercises that blend their body and soul because anything super intense would just end up draining them further. Think yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi, where there’s a meditative quality to the workout. Pisces rules the feet so they might encounter problems with foot sensitivity if they’re active all day. They would enjoy leisurely water activities more since like Cancer they are a water sign. Pisces is also more susceptible to the influence of drugs and alcohol, so they should avoid using these as a coping mechanism to deal with their strong emotional nature. By coming back to their breath through exercise, they can reduce their anxieties in a healthier way.

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