Sarah Wilson is a philanthropist, multi-New York Times bestselling author and founder of ‘I Quit Sugar’. We love what she stands for and the good she’s doing in the world. Sarah is also a long-time fan of fermented foods and drinks. The only kombucha brand that has her ‘I Quit Sugar’ tick of approval is Remedy. Remedy kombucha is our drinks sponsor for our Eccleston Yards yoga events this summer, providing yummy drinks that are good for the gut to our wonderful yogi guests.

Sarah tells us about why she loves the booch.

“Everyone’s getting the message about how bad sugar is for your health so they’re ditching traditional sugary soft drinks and looking for alternatives with extra health benefits and that’s where kombucha fits in. But some brands contain as much sugar as soft drinks which really defeats the purpose of drinking kombucha in the first place. It’s best to do your homework and read labels carefully so you get the maximum benefit from drinking kombucha.”

Here are five reasons why we love Remedy Kombucha:

1. No sugar, naturally

When brewing Remedy Kombucha, raw sugar is used as a key starter ingredient acting as food for the all-important live cultures. During its 30-day, long-aged brewing process, all of this sugar is converted into healthy acids leaving no sugar. So not only is Remedy a healthier option, but there’s also no risk of refermentation.

2. Loaded with live cultures

Live cultures are all important when it comes to boosting the diversity of your gut flora. A happy, healthy, balanced gut garden keeps sickness at bay and is absolutely critical to your overall health and wellbeing affecting everything from our digestion through to our mood.

3. Jammed with short-chain fatty acids

During Remedy Kombucha’s brewing process, all of the sugar is converted into short-chain fatty acids and SFCAs, offering a range of benefits such as ridding overgrowth of bad bugs in your gut, providing an energy source for the good bacteria in your gut and help stabilize blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

4. Packed with antioxidants

Made from green and black tea, Remedy Kombucha is positively packed with antioxidants. Tea antioxidants, otherwise known as polyphenols, scavenge for cell-damaging free radicals in the body and detoxify them.

5. Delicious

It really does taste great. Choose from Original, Raspberry Lemonade, Ginger Lemon, Apple Crisp, Cherry Plum, Lemon, Lime & Mint and Ginger Berry.

Remedy Kombucha is available at Marks & Spencer, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market and Holland & Barrett as well as online at

Visit Sarah Wilson’s website here