Meet our founder; Tatiana Kovylina. Tatiana always had an eye for luxury fashion, having a cool ten years experience modelling high-end international brands. Her accolades include household names of Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta. When most of her down time was spent travelling and working out, Tatiana was disappointed with the lack of stylish activewear options available on the market. Constantly searching for high quality sports luxes garments, that were functional yet stylish, Tatiana recognised a gap in the market. Silou London was born.

Here’s what we learnt with ten minutes with the founder:

What inspired you to start Silou London?

The idea to start the brand came from my love for yoga and fitness. As an active mum, sportswear is my everyday uniform and I found myself looking for an elegant high quality activewear that I could live in everyday. I wanted to be able to do the daily school run, take a yoga class and attend a coffee meeting without having to change. Finding something on the market that I could still look chic and feel comfortable in was non existent. Most of the things that were available on the market either felt rigid on the body and looked too technical or offered screaming bright prints.

The story behind the name Silou London?

The name appeared during a conversation with my dear art historian friend over a long summer lunch. She was currently researching the field of feminism and became absorbed by my idea of finding a name for the brand that embodied femininity, strength, sensuality and intuitiveness. She brought up a series called “Silueta” by a Cuban artist Ana Mendieta. Ana’s body art and performances were extraordinarily powerful and communicated a unique symbolism around women’s unity with nature and the power of the feminine. That’s where the inspiration around Silou was found and then not much later, Silou London was born.

What does the Silou “Celestial Woman” collection stand for?

Designed to enhance the contours of the female silhouette, every piece is named after a strong woman that I have been inspired by. All of the women are fearless, gracious and ambitious. From grandmothers to goddesses, each woman has personally influenced or inspired me, one way or another. They hold the strength to climb mountains and weather storms and hold a humble knowledge of their sky-high potential.

Tatiana Kovylina


How do you want your customers to feel in Silou wear?

Empowered, feminine, strong, desired, comfortable, confident.

Where do you draw you style inspirations from?

My personal style is highly affected by my mood but overall it’s quite feminine. My wardrobe consists mostly of romantic feminine pieces or sporty outfits, with a huge influence from the 80s and 90s. I love to experiment with styles as long as it doesn’t look contrived.

What separates Silou from other activewear brands?

The activewear market is a crowded one, so we wanted to ensure we were offering something different. Silou is made from high quality, non-toxic material and is made in one of the best activewear manufacturers in Europe. That means your skin won’t ever feel dry or itchy when you wear our garments. It also means, the fit of the garments feel natural on the body, almost like a second my skin. What also sets us apart is the tailoring and attention to detail on the collection. Every zipper, seam and edge has been carefully created. Results? You will feel chic and feminine during your workouts, but also carrying on with your life outside the gym.

Tatiana Kovylina Founder


Why investment in wardrobe pieces?

In a world of fast disposable fashion, our planet is suffocating in the lack of regard to the environment and the wastage we create every day. I didn’t want to add to the current situation by creating high fashion, loudly printed pieces that you may throw out or donate next season. Creating wardrobe staples from high quality material means that you can wear our pieces from season to season, not bowing down to trends or filling landfills when you are tired of them. Also, creating pieces that are multi functional, means that we need to buy less and have less.

How important is Ethical Fashion to you?

Knowing what impact our choice in clothes have on our planet is very important. At Silou London, we have sourced non-toxic materials that have the least possible impact on the environment. We have also tried to eliminate any excess waste where possible. This takes into account our manufacturing, packaging and transport decisions. Our European factory partners also create a fair working environment and pay fare wages to all of their female workers. This is just as important to us. 

Even though we are far from being a 100% organic and sustainable brand, we aim to raise awareness on these issues and want to be completely transparent with our choices. You can read more about our Mindful manufacturing approach here.

How do you stay fit when working hard and developing a business?

I try to do yoga 3 – 4 times a week. I also try to squeeze in a high intensity workout twice a week but it often means waking up before 6am while the children are still sleeping. I also enjoy long walks or a run in the park on the weekend if time allows.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I try to get out of the city and be around nature as well as sharing activities with my boys. I cherish these moments. Also I love movies, listening to music, reading a book by the fire place, cooking and long chats over wine.

How do you find balance in your busy life?

It’s not an easy one. Keeping sane in our ever-changing world is a real challenge. My essential elements are: spending at least a bit of time by myself and letting go of negative emotions that naturally build up. I can’t recommend yoga and meditation enough for that and being around my loved ones.

Silou Active Founder


What’s your favourite piece from the collection and why?

The Fonda body. I religiously wear it day and night, pairing the body with leggings, skirts or jeans. It feels like a second skin and has a beautiful neckline which is super flattering on the body. It looks great on everyone I’ve seen it on and it always gets a lot of attention.

Fonda Bodysuit


What’s your signature scent?

I stay loyal to my scents for years. I used Chanel Allure when I was much younger for 10 years, then experimented with various mono scents. Guerlain’s rose perfume was another favourite. My latest perfume is Dark Rain by Bjork and Berries. It’s dreadfully sexy, one of those perfumes that you’d steal from your boyfriend.

What’s your go to album to practice yoga to?

Any album by Bonobo or Cinematic Orchestra

What’s your favourite escape from London?

I love to escape to Devon for some fresh country air and relaxation.

What is the secret to your glowing skin?

I am a big believer in facial massages and essential oils. I have had deep tissue facial massages for the past 10 years  and try to do all of my workouts outdoors.

What’s one quote that you live by?

Thinking about it … there isn’t just one!

Silou Active